The annual AI tech showcase for HR

Broadcasting live globally from Phenom Studios September 14, 2023


AI DAY 2023

AI Day for Human Resources

Not all AI is created equal. We believe AI needs to be intelligently applied and contextual to deliver the experiences and precision that empower HR teams, employees, and managers to reach superhuman levels of efficiency. Dive deeper into the different types of AI, how AI works, its impact across the talent landscape, and responsible use cases.

The Data Models Powering
HR Technology

Discover the ensemble of Foundational, Specialized, and Contextual models that are delivering unparalleled levels of personalization, precision, and experience.

Impact and Use Cases
Across Industries

Reimagine the impact of AI and GenAI on efficiency and productivity when used by candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, HR, and HRIS teams.

Bias, Ethics, and
Regulatory Compliance

Overcome the ambiguity, complexity, and fear surrounding AI. Learn about explainable and defensible approaches to navigate local and global regulations.

Integrations that Streamline Data into Models

Uncover the extent of integrations available for HRIS teams to centralize data, and the controls that can fine-tune how AI is applied.

Build better
with AI

Watch on demand to learn about:

  • The data models powering HR technology
  • Impact and use cases of AI across industries
  • Bias, ethics, and regulatory compliance
  • Integrations that streamline data into models
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