there's only one way to hire and retain the next one billion people

Experience Phenom AI Day

Understand AI's critical role in HR — and discover how the world’s most prominent enterprises are using systems of intelligence to hire, develop, and retain talent.

What's at stake?

Businesses are struggling. Employees are leaving. Available talent is scarce. The expectations about where we work, what we get out of work, and how work influences our lives have changed. Embracing AI now gives us the powerful, unique advantage to navigate the challenges ahead.

Who should view?

Anyone and everyone from HR leaders and recruiters to AI enthusiasts and techies who care about connecting the right people to the right work — and the intelligent tech that makes it possible.


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What to expect

The AI Journey

Discover Phenom's decade of innovation and impact across six key areas: conversational AI, automation, personalization, skills-driven career pathing, talent insights, AI ethics.

AI Deep Dive

Explore the inner workings of talent intelligence and the machine learning and modeling that power it.

Industry-Changing Initiatives

Be the first to hear about Phenom’s industry commitments, designed to accelerate long-term adoption and outcomes driven by AI. 

An Interactive Experience

Experience Phenom AI Day your way. Tune into the full live broadcast or replay when you want, wherever you want. 

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