Save 500K Hours Hiring & Retaining Employees With AI & Automation

What could you do with an extra 500K hours?

How do you hire thousands of people and retain them using AI?
That’s what almost every company is trying to understand right now.

Phenom's 10 years of experience in intelligent automation has been helping the HR teams of some
of the largest companies in the world. We’re also committed to helping you

Let us show you where and how to save hundreds of thousands of hours in your recruitment and retainment practices with AI & automation.

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Frustrated you can’t hire fast enough in today’s tight labor market? Tired of losing employees? AI & automation is contributing to better outcomes and huge time savings.

To show you where you can save hundreds of thousands of hours a year, our experts will explore how you’re currently hiring and retaining talent — and where you can inject AI and automation to optimize your existing processes, including:

  • Requisition planning
  • Sourcing internal and external talent
  • Screening and scheduling
  • Engaging and retaining employees

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View essential content from the HR industry's first & only AI Day

Learn how the world’s most prominent enterprises are using systems of
intelligence to hire, develop, and retain talent.

Identifying Anonymous Visitors on Career Sites

Find out how Phenom AI turns anonymous visitors into leads — and drives a more valuable candidate experience that prompts users to share their information and preferences.

Using Conversational AI to Respond in Real-Time

See how sophisticated conversational AI leveraging natural language processing empowers Phenom’s chatbot to engage job seekers, understand their intent, and respond in real-time.

Boosting Recruiter Productivity with AI

Check out how Phenom augments recruiting data with advanced skill detection and association technology to predict a candidate’s potential fit, save time, and increase quality of hire.

About Phenom

Phenom is a global HR tech company with a purpose to help a billion people find the right job. Our AI-powered talent experience management platform is enabling enterprises to help candidates find the right job, employees learn and evolve, recruiters discover top talent, and managers build their teams faster. Learn more